We spent yesterday driving to some of the Golden Circle sites. Our first big stop was Thingvellir, which was where the Viking parliament was held!
 We don’t know much about Iceland’s elves and trolls, but we’ve heard they live in rocks. Seein so many formations like this made it easy to understand how rocks might be their homes.

 From the moment we stepped out of the car at Thingvellir, there was gorgeousness! It was a bit hard to know where to point the camera, honestly. Here’s water rushing over rocks:

 And a close up from just above:

 Looking up at a higher source of the flow:

 The Icelandic flag in front of some very impressive rock formations. It was easy to see why this area might be a legal gathering spot. It feels very important!

 A view from the top:

 And another angle:

 Coming back down from the visitors center.

 At the visitors center there are videos explaining some of the history and geography. There are also toilets, which I think we ended up paying about $8 to use (we didn’t have coins, so had to pay with a card, which cost double due to service fees), but we decided to call that our entrance fee. Well worth that to visit this place!


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