The other big stop we made yesterday was at Gullfoss, a place with two huge waterfalls.
 This is from the lower path:

 The we climbed up to the higher path.

 Moss bought a sweater, so he was much warmer than I was at this point!

 This is just after we saw a rainbow over the falls! Alas it lasted for only about 5 seconds. By the time I’d pulled the phone out, the sun had gone back to hiding under clouds. It was beautiful, though.

 And here’s a view looking down to the gorge where the water flows after falling. There was a story about lovers who saw each other tending sheep across the river above the falls; supposedly eventually the man waded across to be with the woman, and they married and had many descendants. I don’t quite see how he could have survived the crossing, but it’s a lovely story all the same.

 Today we’re going to the Blue Lagoon, where there may not be pictures. Hard to do that sort of thing while in water.


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