Dorchester and Oxford

 We ended yesterday by watch more Midsomer Murders while staying in Midsomer. Our hotel was one of the main settings in “Small Mercies” along with a miniature village which is actually not really nearby.
 Here’s our hotel from the front at dusk:

 Across the street is The George hotel, which claims to be even older.

 This morning we bid our farewells to the quaint village and headed into Oxford, passing a sign for Larkrise Primary school along the way. We know Lark Rise is a fictional village, but it amused us all the same.

 We didn’t have a whole lot of time to linger, but Moss had never seen the city before, so I took us on an extremely abbreviated tour. Finding ourselves at Carfax Tower right at noon, we watched the boys trike their bells before climbing the 99 steps to the top.

 Inside, we could see the bell cords!

 I didn’t get any pictures from the top, but Moss took a panorama of the dreaming spires. Hopefully that will get posted later.
 On the way down , we had to balance our needs to look where we were stepping and to not look down. Eep!

 From there we walked up to see Christ Church, where C. S. Lewis write Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Here’s Tom Tower:

 We also passed this very exciting door:

 Then, the Bodleian Library!

 And finally the Bridge of Sighs.

 We figure we’ll have to come back and spend more time (perhaps combining a few days in Oxford with a few days in Bath?), but for a tiny amount of time, I think we did fairly well.
 Now we are on our way to the Jane Austen House Museum at Chawton Cottage. Very exciting!


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