To Robin Hood’s Bay!

From Whitby we took a bus to Hawsker where we rejoined the Coast to Coast path. Our final walk was just a few miles, and all along the coast!
 First glimpse of the North Sea!

 A view to the North:

 Getting closer to the sea.


 Moar cliffs!

 Sumana triumphant:

 Still moar cliffs!

 Our shadows. On a cliff!

 Sumana pointed out this memorial bench, which reminded her of Alice Nutter’s nice and accurate prophecies in Good Omens.

 A rocket post, where they used rockets to shoot rescue lines to ships in trouble!

 All three of us after throwing our pebbles and dipping our boots!

 A dog was also very happy to be at the beach!

 The Bay Hotel and Wainwright’s Bar where we signed the book saying we’d finished the walk. We also found several entries from friends we’d met en route, and we had a celebratory drink.

 From the excellent and amusing signs file:

 Sunset over the sea.

 We stayed at The Victoria Hotel, where there was a wedding going on. These kids were running about the beer garden, and then very picturesquely hopped up on the fence.

 Lots of pictures like this one, all of which made us think of our friend Jason.

 And another from the amusing signs file:

 Finally, this on the wall!

 A strangely Steampunk sort of ending to our Coast to Coast journey.


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