Draculars Whitby

Whitby inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula, and it has a history of pirates, smugglers, and jet jewelry crafting, so naturally it’s now a haven for goths. It was very strangely familiar–the Salem of the UK, we decided.
 Right away we passed Dark Entry Yard. Apparently where one might go to unlearn all their defense against the dark arts training?

 Swing bridge, which leads to the winding market streets and the Abbey.

 Hamish near Kirkgate apparently sells amber, gifts, and alchemy!

 Ah, a witch! I think it was this sign that made us come to the Salem conclusion.

 Reward: Immortality!

 Skull door:

 Exciting old sign. Good stabling, smoke & club rooms.

 Arguments Yard:

 The 199 steps up to the church and Abbey.

 Whitby does not hold back on the goth jewelry! I thought Patty Templeton would wear this one well.

 Then I bought some special goth fudge. Draculars Dream. Apparently while Dracula may have dreamt of blood, Dracular dreamt of chocolate and raspberry.

 Looking out at the town from the Swing bridge.

 The Great War memorial

 I got a nice shot of the Abbey, too, but only on the fancy camera, so that’ll have to wait until we get home.


2 thoughts on “Draculars Whitby

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