Moss and Sumana walked from Blakey Ridge to Grosmont, but I wasn’t feeling up to it, so I thought I’d take the bus to Pickering and then catch the old steam train to Grosmont.
 It was a very grey and soggy day.

 The bus was meant to come at 10:30, and the Lion Inn staff said I’d have to flag it down, but that it would stop if I did.
 I went out at 10:12.
 At 10:35 it began to rain in earnest.
 At 11:07, thoroughly soaked and shivering, I gave up and went back across the street.

 It turned out the buses were no longer running that route, but google still thought they were, and the staff thought they were because they’d seen them recently. I scrapped my plan and had a cup of coffee to warm up while I waited for the Sherpa Van to show up. It’s free to ride with the bags if they’re transferring yours, so I skipped the steam train ride, but got to Grosmont eventually. We even passed by Moss and Sumana on a brief stretch where they were crossing the road!
 Grosmont is steam tran central for the North Yorkshire Moors Railway. Here’s one of the steam train viewing areas.

 And a tunnel to the workshop area where you can watch people getting the Steam trains ready!

 This sign explains the tunnel, which may be the first passenger rail tunnel (though certainly not the first rail tunnel ever as railways came out of mining). In the 1830s, it took horse drawn rail carriages!

 I didn’t get to see any of the shed cats, but I enjoyed reading about them, and I made a small donation to the shed cat fund. I especially enjoyed that Erica’s coat containing orange makes her safety compliant.

 A bit about the steam engines in this workshop. My big takeaway here was the fact that the driver has to oil 70 different parts to make the engine ready. And that it takes 4 hours between lighting the fire in the morning and being ready for the day’s work. Keeping steam trains going is definitely a labor of love today! I thought a lot about how train crews must have felt a hundred years ago. I wonder if working so hard to keep it going made them anthropomorphise and love the trains, too.

 No 29 is 110 years old!

 Here’s the coal inside, ready to feed the fire:

 A bike from the 1920’s:

 On the way back to the b&b I saw a locomotive coming back to the shed.

We’re staying so close to the station that we can hear the whuffing of the steam engines whenever they move. It’s very cool.
 Later that evening we all decided to take the steam train to Whitby and only do the last few miles of the walk. Here’s Sumana happily posing with the last map we’ll need!

 Then we played monopoly while drinking wine and listening to labor songs. As you do.

 We played for a set time, but no one felt like counting up property values and so forth, so Sumana decided we should roll the dice to see who won. Here’s my winning roll of 15. This is hilarious because I had done far worse than the other two in buying things. I suppose that’s the fickle nature of investment banking, eh?

 Today to Whitby, and then to Robin Hood’s Bay!


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