Clay Bank Top to Blakey Ridge

We ate breakfast and bid goodbye to the giant schnauzers at The Buck Inn.

Helen (our innkeeper) dropped us back at the trail, which was very misty.

The guidebooks warn that people can get lost in the mist on the moors. Here is why:

At length the mist began to lift and the heather became more vibrant.

Another somewhat misty moor shot:

A close up of heather with buds an green shots. Apparently the grouse like to eat the green bits.

The mist coated everything in sparkling dew. Sumana was very taken with the spider webs.

Then we saw an allegedly adulterous sheep. Sumana suggested it might be named Heather Prynne.

Face in a rock! The guidebooks mentioned this, so we checked every rock we passed. After several hours our efforts were rewarded. We were ridiculously excited.

Then we passed a dog in a bit of boggy water who was also ridiculously excited.

By afternoon we were walking through seemingly endless fields of sunshine.

We found a frog!

And views into a landscape without heather:

Finally, a picture from early in the day, when I played Rod Stewart’s “Purple Heather” at the request of our friend Jason. Here we are with heather, which is purple under that mist, I swear! Pound sign hi Jason!


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