To Clay Bank Top

Right after our last post we ran into Sumana! We completed the walk for the day together.
 Here is some of the beautiful heather atop Cringle Moor.

 A close up of some heather.

 Moss and Sumana descending ahead of me.

 The Wainstones. One of our guidebooks describes the as cake decorations. We decided it must be a Cake Wrecks cake…

 The sun was filtering through the clouds beautifully as we took a break at the Wainstones.

 A bit later we reached our pickup point, and our lovely innkeeper brought us to The Buck Inn in Chop Gate. They have two really lovely giant schnauzers. This is the smaller one.

 The towels were folded into the shape of a swan! This charmed us, but it was just a prelude to the most delightful feature of the room…

 The shower! OMG, it has wonderful water pressure. Our innkeeper says it is a power shower. We say it wins the best shower of the walk award. So good.


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