Danby Wiske to Northallerton

We decided to completely ignore the prescribed path today in favor of heading to the market town of Northallerton, for today is market day!

One last look at The White Swan, which tells us we’re only 60 miles from Robin Hood’s Bay!

Apparently Danby Wiske is home to fearsome predators:

We passed Lazenby Hall on our way out of the village.

And here is Moss blatantly ignoring the C2C sign in favor of striding boldly toward Northallerton:

The route was along a somewhat quiet road, which then merged with a very busy road, so we thought we’d take a public footpath parallel to the road… Off we tromped though a very treacherous and uneven pasture until we reached a style… Which was FULL of nettles.

If you are unfamiliar with nettles, this might look like a bit of harmless leafy greens, but it turns out even the lightest brush against nettles will leave you stinging for hours. We thought long and hard about wading through this nettle sea, and ultimately tromped back through the pasture of treachery to the very busy road. Ah, adventure!

At length we reached Northallerton, apparently the heart of North Yorkshire.

Snigwig Ltd may be a used car dealer, we’re not sure, but we had a lot of fun saying Snigwig anyway.

We passed a warning for a picket fence (okay, it was really for a railway crossing, but it LOOKS like a picket fence, doesn’t it?)

And American Nails!

Then we stopped for coffee and found out that Moss had accidentally taken our B&B key with him. D’oh!

Luckily our lovely B&B host says we can send it with the baggage transfer service tomorrow…


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