To Danby Wiske

Moss and I cut the walk short today by having the bus drop us halfway to our destination after a leisurely morning in Richmond.
 We started our walk in Bolton on Swale, where the parish church has a monument to Henry Jenkins, who is said to have lived to be 169 years old!
 Here is the inside of the church:

 And the front entrance:

This was also the parish church of John Calvert, who went on to found Maryland.
 After lingering at the church, we began our trek through farmland, where we saw a picturesque cow drinking from a stream.

 At length we found our way to a crossroads where a helpful sign let us know we had 4 miles left to go.

 On past hay fields:

 And this wonderful tree house:

 Until at last we reached our b&b, which has a gentleman fox all dressed for the hunt… With a monocle!

 Dinner in a bit at the pub next door, which we can see from our b&b window, and which is the only place to eat in Danby Wiske.

 It’s very nice to be done walking early enough to enjoy leisurely tea and cakes in our b&b sitting room, let me tell you.


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