Richmond Part 2

(Or 3 if you count the Georgian theatre as part 2)

We spent today wandering and exploring.

After the Gergian theatre, we visited the Richmondshire Museum, which was full of neat things. These accounts by kids of the 1800’s grocery store display made us spend quite a bit of time searching for the bottle in question, but alas, in vain!

They’ve also got the actual set of the surgery from the All Creatures Great and Small TV series! James Herriot opened it himself in 1984, and pronounced it very true to the real 1940s veterinary practice.

Then there was this wooden water pipe! So cool!

And roman lions!

Lots of other fantastic stuff in the museum, too. Well worth a visit if you’re in the area.

After we left we passed by the old cocoa rooms. We’d passed the sign last night and not known what they were. In the museum, we learned that they were cocoa and coffee rooms made to promote temperance in the late 1800s. Now a real estate office and Thai restaurant occupy the space.

The cobbled market square is supposed to be the largest in England. It’s another Georgian era thing.

And the castle tower! (Paul, this is just for you!)

The castle tower from another angle. First built in 1071, Richmond was named Riche-Monte (strong hill) by the Normans. The castle had a river on three sides and a well fortified gate on the fourth.

As we walked the streets surrounding the castle, a dog really wanted to chase us. Here’s its nose under the gate.

Picturesque narrow castle-side street.

Exciting doorway:

Behind these houses, you can see some of the castle walls:

On the way back to our b&b, we stopped in the friary garden, the tower is the only bit of the friary left, and it’s an impressive backdrop for the Great War memorial.

Here’s the tower from the other side. After the dissolution of the monasteries, this park was still used all the time as it had wells and springs which supplied the town with water.

There is more to see in Richmond, but we stopped in favor of resting up for tomorrow’s walk.


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