Reeth to Richmond

Today’s walk took us past an old priory!
 But first we saw many memorable sheep. Like this one ambling along on top of a stone wall:

 And this group of sheep napping in the shade:

 And this ram with super curly horns!

 And here is the old priory, which is now an outdoor education facility.

 Beyond the priory we climbed these stone steps to the village of Marrick. The nuns in the priory laid the stones. When, we’re not sure, but before 1530! I wondered what the nuns who made this path thought about when they walked it.

 We also passed the festive Church of St. Andrew. I liked its pennant banner.

 And we crossed a danger zone! Luckily the bull was off grazing out of sight when we went through.

 Then there were sun drenched woods with glowing ferns!

 And a lovely view of the river Swale.

 And then, at last, the sign for Richmond!

 More pictures of the town itself to come. We’re staying here two nights, so we can wander tomorrow and investigate!


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