Reeth is where some of All Creatures Great and Small was filmed. It’s a charming little town.

On the way here (I went with the baggage transfer service as my ankle was unhappy), we stopped at (in the words of my driver), “this unfortunately named building.” I took a picture because I am apparently mentally twelve.

Also along the way I got to see lots of encouragement to Tour de France cyclists written on the road since they came through the area this year. No pictures because we drove over the writing too fast, alas.

Here’s a panoramic view of Reeth from atop the village green.

And an occurrence of this sign, which we’ve seen periodically:

“… But let go if chased by cattle” !!!

I visited the lovely Swaledale museum before checking into our b&b. Here’s the view from our window:

I have had the opening theme to All Creatures Great and Small stuck in my head all day today. Luckily it’s a nice piece of music.


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