Up to Kidsty Pike

Tuesday we left Patterdale for Bampton, a trek, which involved a climb to the highest point of our walk followed by a ridiculously treacherous descent, after which our reward would be 5 miles more walking up and down rocky slopes along the Haweswater Reservoir.
 First we said goodbye to the Old Water View’s resident cat.

 On the way out of town we passed the Wordsworth Studio with its exciting door knocker.

 Once we’d attained some height, we took a last look back at Patterdale and the Ullswater.

 Then we got a bit lost and accidentally spent some time climbing in the wrong direction. D’oh! An hour or so later, we got back on track and finally found our way to Angle Tarn.

 A ways further up we stopped for lunch, and this super creepy head-shaped-rock stared at me while I are my sandwich.

 Finally, far too late in the day, we reached the high point at Kidsty Pike.

 Here we are looking out over the terrain below. This picture was taken by a lovely hiker named Andy, who was keeping roughly the same pace with us all afternoon.

 Then we began our descent. This is before it got terrifying. After this point I was too busy trying not to hurt myself to take pictures. As it was, I still twisted my ankle three times. Eep!

 We did make it to Bampton in the end. Pictures of that to follow.


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