Exploring Kendal

Today I skipped walking to let my ankle rest a bit more. While Moss and Sumana tackled the hiking route from Orton to Kirkby Stephen, I went by bus via Kendal.
 Kendal is a pretty big town, which felt odd after so many tiny villages. It has a castle (it was the home of Katherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII), but after confusedly following signs in circles for a half hour or so, I settled for a long distance photo.

 I did get a good close look at Castle Dairy, though. It’s the oldest house in Kendal.

 There’s a helpful plaque explaining it.

 This headline (“Iconic Kendal Sheep Photo Taken Again”) intrigued me. I don’t know what the photo actually is, or whether taken again means re-photographed, or stolen for a second time…

 Eventually I found my way to the market center where there was a sign with mileage to New York!

 I also saw the library, which surprised me by being a Carnegie library. I hadn’t realized those existed outside the US.

 Kendal used to have a brush factory, and the sign of the boar still hangs at the former factory site.

 Here’s a larger view, which includes the explanatory plaque.

 I also found Wainwright’s Yard, named for Alfred Wainwright, who made up the Coast to Coast route we’re taking. He lived in Kendal for something like 50 years. The Westmorland Gazette (which is in the yard) printed and published many of his guidebooks.

 And then it began to rain in earnest, so I went to get a bus to Kirkby Stephen…


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