Sumana Meets Doctor Who

Sumana hadn’t seen Doctor Who before, so we decided to ask her for her thoughts on it before and after watching the series premiere this evening. And then we remembered we’d talked about maybe podcasting! Why not?


5 thoughts on “Sumana Meets Doctor Who

  1. I had never heard of Blue Peter before, but I got curious about the title. ‘The “Blue Peter” is used as a maritime signal, indicating that the vessel flying it is about to leave, and Reed chose the name to represent ‘a voyage of adventure’ on which the programme would set out. Hunter Blair also pointed out that blue was a child’s favourite colour, and Peter was the common name of a typical child’s friend.’ (


  2. Re Capaldi: If you ever get a chance to see _Local Hero_, featuring a young and delightfully gawky Peter Capaldi, I recommend it. I also liked him in _Lairrrrr of the White Worrrrrrm_, though it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that and I don’t know if I can recommend the movie as a whole. He was also good in a very small part in _Dangerous Liaisons_ as the servant of Malkovich’s character.


  3. One last thought: I’m glad that (it sounds like) you liked this episode, Sumana, and I’m glad that you saw it with knowledgeable people who could explain various things; but fwiw, I think it wasn’t a great place to start, because I think a lot of that particular episode was aimed at taking apart the expectations that the show’s been building up since 2005 about the ways in which the Doctor relates to his Companions. It’s kind of a reversion to the way things were in the old series; which I have no problem with, but to get there I felt like they had to spend a lot of time telling viewers that they were making a change. I would also say this was an atypical episode in various other ways–for example, never before have the opening credits been in any way steampunky. I think they went into this season with the expectation that most of their audience is not new to the show, though I could be wrong. And much as I adore Capaldi, his spending most of the episode wandering around confusedly in a nightgown isn’t the kind of thing that has usually happened very often before.

    Anyway, so if you were intrigued by this episode, then I strongly recommend going back to the 2005 season and starting to watch from there.


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