Modern Britain

See? Not everything in the Lake District is beautiful and idyllic: I mean, this is a perfectly ordinary car park. (Just ignore the gorgeous old buildings and green hills in the background.)


One thought on “Modern Britain

  1. that juxtaposition was one of the things I found really interesting about England…it reminded me of Harry Potter, how the muggle & wizarding worlds are right next to each other but people could still choose to see or live entirely in one or the other. I often thought of those rimbaud lines about the systematic derangement of the senses, “I got used to elementary hallucination: I could very precisely see a mosque instead of a factory, a drum corps of angels.” I think I wanted to believe so much in the most romantic version of England possible that generally that’s all I saw, even when I was, in fact, just standing in a car park.

    I love that you’re sharing so many pictures and updates from your trip. it’s lovely to see all the places you’re visiting.


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