Coast to coast day two

We had to cut things short today. It was pouring, and I think I may actually need to see a doctor tomorrow. My throat seems to have a lot of white patches, which is bad.
 That said, the bit of walk we did was great!
 The first thing we saw was this bewildering sign:

What is a sleeping policeman ramp?
 When we got up to Ennerdale Water, we saw this sign telling us that the end of 28 Days Later was filmed there.

 Our first glimpse of a lake in the Lake District!

 Here’s Moss looking happy and mostly dry when it was only drizzling:

 Once it began to rain in earnest, we stopped taking photos, we walked about 5 miles all told, and ended up calling a taxi from the youth hostel at the other end of Ennerdale Water.
 Going that way took us past Buttermere, and a lake we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. We did miss out on the Black Sail Youth Hostel which is in an old shepherd’s hut that can’t be accessed by cars, but we did get to go through the Honister pass and admire the slate mine from the safe and dry confines of the taxi. We also passed many miserable looking walkers, which made us feel our decision was justified.
 Tonight we’re at YHA Borrowdale, which is full of warmth and dryness, our two top things right now!


4 thoughts on “Coast to coast day two

  1. Oh no! I hope your throat magically gets better, but if it doesn’t, a visit to the doctor is probably a good idea.

    I like to read that sign with ramps as a verb:
    Ramp, intr.v.: ramped, ramp·ing, ramps
    1. To act threateningly or violently; rage.

    Please watch out for sleepwalking angry policemen in your path.


  2. I believe that the sleeping policeman is in fact what we USians call a speed bump. (Somewhat horrifying to think of oneself driving over them!)

    This looks so lovely, even with the drizzle.


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