Coast to Coast Walk Day 1

Today we finished the first day of our walk, from St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge! We got out to a bit of a late start, but had a very pleasant walk up the coast, with several stops to admire the scenery and take pictures:

As we turned away from the coast, we realized it was late enough in the day that we were unlikely to finish the traditional route over Dent Hill before dark. We began considering alternatives (a taxi from Cleator, maybe?) while we pressed on past a quarry and through some lovely farm land:

After crossing a railroad (through a tunnel) and a stream (over a bridge) we happened to meet up with a group of more experienced walkers, who helped us find a better way: we could walk all the way to Ennerdale Bridge, but using the road from Cleator Moor rather than the walking path over the hill. It was a long and exhausting day, but we arrived at the Shepherd’s Arms, where we were staying, in time for a relaxing (and delicious!) dinner:

Now we’ve showered (omg, showers are so beautiful, you guys, you have no idea!) and plotted out our route for tomorrow, so I believe it’s time for bed. More tomorrow if we can manage it!


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