WorldCon Day 3

Today started with the Strange Horizons party. As a host, I got there before the crowd. Here’s the spread of postcards and pastries.

 I decided to try out the Iron Throne, showing my evil editor side.

 Here’s Niall, our editor-in-chief, waiting for guests to arrive.

 And here’s one of all three SH Hugo Nominees present at the con (me, Abigail Nussbaum, and Niall).

 Shortly thereafter, guests began to arrive!

Paul Weimer, Niall Harrison, Shaun Duke, Justin Landon, Liz Bourke, and Ruth Frances Long

Portrait of child with buffalo

Inkeri Kontro (who has a story forthcoming in Strange Horizons!), Becky Chambers (intrepid SH first reader!), Shaun Duke, Stephanie Saulter, Keffy Kehrli, Jed Hartman (former fiction editor extraordinaire!)

Rachel, Mary Anne Mohanraj (founder of SH!), Matt Hilliard (reviewer!)

Jackson, Lily Yu, John Chu, Mary Anne, JY Yang, me (with bonus Fabio Fernandes in the background!)
 There were lots of other excellent people at the party, too. I got to meet Ana and Thea of The Book Smugglers! And Tori Truslow! But eventually I had to leave for my last panel, Truth in Trash. It was a lively one with lots of dissenting opinions. Hopefully the audience found it interesting.
 After that we left the convention for a visit to the Greenwich Fan Museum with Fran Wilde and Mary Robinette Kowal. Back when we lived in Healdsburg, California, we used to visit the Hand Fan Museum there. Now that I’ve been to this one, I wonder if there are others. Maybe they are like Pokemon for me; gotta catch ’em all?
 At the fan museum there was this fan leaf, unfolded, which was a royal commission for Louis XIV.

 I was super excited to see it because it shows one of my favorite historical figures, Elisabeth Charlotte, Duchesse d’Orleans. She was married to Louis XIV’s brother, Philippe, and she had great spirit, which is quite evident in her letters. This made me want to read them again.
 Here’s a close up of Philippe and Liselotte:

The description said she was holding her fan open instead of closed because she wasn’t aware of the etiquette at court. Having read her letters, it could be that, or it could be she knew and flat out didn’t care. I heart her.
 A diagram of fan parts:

 The special exhibit was on advertising fans. Here’s one for Champagne from the twenties:

 And one set that double as masks:

 And a glossary of fan terms:

 After the fan museum we went for a drink at Ye Olde Rose and Crown, established under the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and rebuilt in 1889. It was a curios mix of old and new.

Old pub, new century. You can follow the pub on Twitter and like it on Facebook.
 Fran and Moss plotted mischief:

 Mary and I sat demurely:

 There was also an amazing art nouveau fireplace:

 We split up after that, and I went to meet Shaun and Paul for a Skiffy and Fanty Show interview with Aliette de Bodard. She brought her snakelet!

 Then I headed back to the hotel for an early night, but somehow stayed up until midnight anyway. D’oh! Sleeping now.


One thought on “WorldCon Day 3

  1. Aliette and her baby! And you got to meet the Book Smugglers. It’s so wonderful! Thank you so much for keeping this journal; it’s so much fun to follow along <3


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