WorldCon Day 2

Started today by oversleeping then running to get to the Skiffy and Fanty Show interview with Eric Choi.
 We had technical difficulties, so Paul took a picture of Eric while Shaun tried to fix his recording device.

Eventually we decided to record with my phone. Hopefully that will turn out all right! Eric was lovely and patient throughout.
 After the interview, I moderated a panel on feminist anthologies. Jeanne Gomoll, Ann Vandermeer, Alex Dally MacFarlane, and Alisa were the panelists, and they all had smart things to say. Yay!
 After the panel, I had a quick lunch before the Kaleidoscope launch.

I ran into Tansy and Amal, who introduced me to Liz Bourke and Jo L Walton (who is a fantasy writer from the UK, but not the Jo Walton who won the best novel Hugo in 2012). The conversation was delightful, but eventually I had to leave…

The Kaleidoscope launch was great! Here’s Tansy reading.

Here’s Tim Susman reading!

And John Chu!

And Vylar Kaftan! Hurray for Kaleidoscope authors!

Jim Worrad REALLY took to the Kaleidoscope stickers!

After the reading period, authors signed books!

And we got one group shot with all the authors and editors at the launch. Go team Kaleidoscope!

After the launch, Paul and I met Shaun so we could interview Juliet McKenna.
 Eventually it was time for my next panels. One was on YA and one was on the Bechdel test. In both cases the panelists were great and the panels were well-attended.
 I also met Tang Fei, Ruth Frances Long, Nene Ormes, and several other people, and had post panel tea and catching up with Jed, which was very nice. Overall, a lovely second day.


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