WorldCon Day 1

Today was the first day of LonCon3, this year’s world science fiction convention. I started by meeting my Kaleidoscope co-editor, one lucky Kaleidoscope author, and a lovely Kaleidoscope funder for tea at The Ritz. Here’s the beautiful Palm Court:

 And my place setting:

 Tansy Rayner Roberts signs Kaleidoscope for Daniel while Alisa writes a message in Daniel’s special notebook:

 Alisa’s baby wore stunning silver trousers and a “My First Tea Party” shirt.

 A perfect scone with clotted cream and jam:

 Daniel got to hold the baby!

 And then Alisa and Tansy and I had to have a happy post-tea photo taken.

 So that was tea, which was lovely! Thanks to Tansy for suggesting it as a fancy backer reward, and to Daniel for choosing that reward level!
 After tea we headed to the convention center where I registered and then went to my first panel, Rewriting Gender Defaults. It was really well attended, and my co-panelists (Roz Kaveney, Geoff Ryman, Alex Dally MacFarlane, and Mary Talbot) all had smart things to say.
 Afterwards I rushed back to the hotel and changed into less formal attire so I could record a couple of podcast episodes for the Skiffy and Fanty Show.

 That’s Paul Weimer, Michael R. Underwood, me, and Shaun Duke as we prepare to talk about Hawk the Slayer for Torture Cinema.
 After the podcasting, we went to swing dance while the Brideshead Ballroom Stompers played big band music. This was super fun, and I hope more WorldCons will feature events like it.
 Here’s a series of three photos of Mary Robinette Kowal and Mishell Baker showing off their fancy retro clothes and dancing skills:

 And here’s Mary’s dress from the front. She altered the top of a modern dress to make it more 1930s looking. That black velvet detail is all her doing.

 How cool is it that her shoes match perfectly?
 When the band finished playing we all wandered over to the Fan Village where the bar was still open and lots of fun people were congregating.

Mishell, Shaun, Mike, Ramez Naam, Heather Urbanski, Mary, and Sunil Patel started a table of fun.
 Heather was dressed in a gown inspired by Merida from Brave.

 I also found Amal El-Mohtar coming back from an adventure with The Doctor!

 She kindly agreed to sign Sunil’s copy of Kaleidoscope.

 Back at the table, the fun had grown! Here’s Carrie Patel (with her partner whose name I didn’t catch), Mike, Justin Landon, and Wesley Chu:

 All in all, an amazing first day!

Location:Western Gateway,London,United Kingdom


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