Our Trip in GIFs

Two days into this trip (two days? three days? HI THERE I AM A SUPER JETLAGGED MOSS AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TIME IT IS RIGHT NOW!), Julia is totally making me look like a slacker on the blog front. It’s time for me to catch up! What’s more, it’s time to drag this blog forward into the dawn of the Twentieth Century! That’s right: it’s time for a moving picture show…

We left Boston at 8:45 pm Tuesday night. Aeroplanes being what they are, it took us a while to fall asleep, so we’d scarcely finished a two hour nap when we found ourselves landing in Iceland:

On the way home we’re planning to spend a couple of days in Iceland, but this time around it was just a quick stop, so not long after we found ourselves flying over England…

…and landing at Heathrow Airport:

As tempting as it was to just collapse in bed right there, we figured we should stay up until evening for the sake of adjusting to local time. So we went off to do some exploring, including a walk by the Thames…

…which included a tunnel through a strange art installation with lights and sounds:

Eventually we found our way back to the hotel for some much needed sleep, and then attended the first two days of WorldCon. But I guess you’ve already heard about that by now. Further updates will follow!


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