London, jetlag, poppies

We have arrived in London, exhausted, but with a need to stay awake. You can tell this is the UK and not the US because we have a proper electric kettle in our hotel room.


To force wakefulness, we went out wandering and saw the ceramic poppy exhibit at the Tower of London. Gorgeous and heartbreaking all at once.


It’s a beautiful display and tribute to the soldiers who died in the Great War (which was a hundred years ago this August), but it’s also staggering to see that vast amount of them and note that each represents a life lost.


Moss got a really good panoramic shot, which I am sure he’ll upload later. Right now we’re clinging to coffee as sustenance as he sorts out our UK phone numbers.



3 thoughts on “London, jetlag, poppies

  1. A very strange thing happened to me yesterday whilst riding with my sister in her minivan. It was horribly hot and humid and I cracked my window open to get some air. Somethings flew out the window, and I believe they were the invitation and RSVP that you sent me. One of my pet peeves is people who do not RSVP, and I would be loathe to include myself in their ranks. So I am reading and enjoying your blog, but am not yet sure if I can make it to the event. I love you guys and if you ever decide to walk the Appalachian Trail, my door is always open.


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