London day 1 part 2

After coffee we walked along the river to Covent Garden. Here’s the Tower bridge with a bonus camouflage ship.


We also saw this Cheery place:


And we found out that apparently wizard-born non-magic-users take out their frustration on old buildings for a living.


We saw the Globe, where they perform Shakespeare’s plays!


And some iconic London things: The London Eye and a red phone box.


Did you know eels can climb out of the water and survive for several hours? Unfortunately, if they flop out of the Thames, they can’t flop back over the wall, though, which is why I had to throw one back in to save it from asphyxiation. No picture, but It was slimy! Poor eel. I hope it’s swimming happily now.

We left the City of London, passing a dragon along the way.


Now dinner, then, at long last, sleep!


2 thoughts on “London day 1 part 2

  1. That dragon is one of my only memories from my first trip to England. I don’t remember my grandfather, but I remember that dragon.


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